Happily Melting

Happily Melting

I’m guessing the Good Lord grew weary of hearing us complain about the Great Northwest’s lack of sun and sent in “melting” temperatures. Yes, the high temps have been with us for the last several weeks now and even though we are dripping… we are melting and happy.

It’s crazy; Jacoby and hot weather have a “love/hate” relationship. Due to her injury, she spends most of her days feeling like she’s a character in “FROZEN”; therefore, just like Olaf… she dreams of HEAT. She visualizes herself… sitting with the warm sun hitting her face … and tells me this amazing place she is visualizing is Hawaii; now, isn’t she clever?

Trust me, she knows how to “work it” with this ol momma of hers. Someday, right?

OK, back to reality!

Basically, hot days make her extremely happy… almost ecstatic… BUT, ONLY for a couple of hours, only to leave her absolutely frantic to cool down her core body temperature. Of course, the key is to MODERATE the amount of time in the sun, but we have never been really familiar with the term of “moderation” in this family. It isn’t easy teaching an old dog new tricks you know, but hey… we’re going to keep doing our best! Overall, Jacoby is LOVIN’ the Cali temps… KEEP IT COMIN’, LORD!

As always, some things never change. Jacoby finished her last day of being a “junior” making her mother cry. I opened her binder only to find personal letters written to EACH one of her teachers: letters that expressed her appreciation for their unique characteristics, teaching style and memories they had left in her heart forever from this past year.

Seriously? She wrote letters to her teachers?

Somehow this moment made me realize just how different her experience, perspective and maturity differed from my own at the age of 17. What a hardship and yet what a blessing to think beyond yourself at such a young age.

Teachers names started racing through my head I had never thanked…never acknowledged… never relayed that, because of their dedication, my horizons were broadened… my heart forever changed.

But she won’t suffer these regrets; she is alert and her senses are always “in tune” with her surroundings and with those who change the world. It poses the question… just who is in the better situation? Many would disagree with me, but my soul tells me her. Compromised physically… yes, but mentally… stronger than the iron that supports the Pentagon or the Empire State Building. Her God is her Healer, her Provider and the Author of her Faith; He is the Anchor of her soul. She isn’t afraid to trust Him because she KNOWS Him. Faith and Hope are her constant companions; sounds like a place most of us would like to “set up camp” mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Something to think about.

Our first family road trip of the summer was to “Regional Soccer Headquarters USA”…aka…Boise, Idaho. Yes, we were “melting” there too, but when you’re surrounded by family, food, and fabulous soccer…WHO CARES!

Morgan’s team made it to Regionals, and so we figured we couldn’t go wrong; it would be soccer or socializing with family and friends, “win-win” either way!

If we weren’t at soccer games, we were taking over the waters and boat launches of Boise with the masses of children we bring together when our extended families meet.

Jacoby was much more daring this summer and didn’t hesitate to go out on Uncle Victor’s boat for rides. I haven’t figured out if she truly loves the boat rides or just the opportunity to get away from all the young cousins that swarm around her asking for rides on her chair. Probably a little of both.

I must admit, listening to Jacoby’s responses to the swarm of our darling nieces and nephews always makes my day. They say things such as:

“I wish I could ride around in a cool chair all day long like you!”

Jacoby: “yup”!

But here is my favorite:

“Jacoby, don’t you get tired of sitting all day? When are you going to start walking again?”

Jacoby: “I don’t know…whenever God wants me to…”

Kids: “Well, I still think you should just get up and start walking.”

Once again, why do YOU think she goes on the boat rides? Lol

Thank God for these children… for humor…for summer!

Ps. Jacoby has decided where she wants to go for college… SEATTLE PACIFIC UNIVERSITY, baby! (AKA… SPU!) Old stomping grounds of her papa and mama… couldn’t be happier! GO FALCONS!!!

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