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“No Longer in the Dark”–8 weeks of “Shining a Light” for our Disabled Community

My Dearest Friends,

I’m going to be brutally honest with you; I don’t feel worthy or competent enough to write about this topic. I have wrestled this one out with the Lord, day in and day out, for four long years.  Even as I type this, I can’t hold back the flood of tears. A never-ending title wave of emotions have gone along with this struggle, and it almost seems impossible to even want to address it. But, after a situation in Jacoby’s college business class, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt… the wrestling match was over; it was time to take this step of faith. Ready or not, I will trust the One who has been holding our hearts securely in His hands since Jacoby’s accident.  Time to start writing about issues we face and lessons we have learned from having a disabled child.

The “situation” played out like this. It was only the second day of session in Jacoby’s Business Management class.  The professor selected 5 individuals out of the entire class to lead groups; Jacoby was one of the leaders selected.  However, the leaders were not allowed to choose their group, the students were told to go pick a leader.

I sat next to my daughter and watched every single student walk right past her.  I begged God to lay it on one person’s heart to choose Jacoby.  She and I both knew it would be rare to find students to look past the wheelchair unless they had been around someone in one before, but still… we had hope. Five minutes felt like an eternity.  Jacoby tried to do her best to smile and look like she could play the part.  She was getting nervous as each person seemed to be settling into a group. I reassured her it was going to be ok and not to stress about it. Yah, right! I literally wanted to stand up and shout, “Do you understand what an amazing group leader she would be? She is organized, responsible, and friendly. Do you understand what she has lived through and how grounded she still is?”

I was on the verge of crying on the spot, and was “informing” the Lord (under my breath) if He loved us AT ALL, He would help us keep it together.  I just couldn’t understand why she had to be put through this? Had she not gone through enough? Furthermore, what Mom do you know that wants a front row seat to this Broadway show? That’s when I heard it… not an audible voice, but a prompting in my spirit saying, “They don’t know, they mean well… they just don’t understand.”

So here we are. I embark on this “enlightenment” journey with you because of the love and deepest respect I have for the disabled community, their families, and caretakers.  Not to mention all the rest who just want to learn and understand in a deeper way what challenges they face each and every day.

This 8-week series will:

  • Educate you on various challenges an individual with a disability faces.
  • Equip you with new perspectives and ideas
  • Encourage you to implement the new perspectives and ideas you have learned regarding the disabled community.

Most of us have heard the saying,

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Well, here is our lemonade… a momma’s heart… our story to share.  May you be encouraged, so you can spread hope to someone else.  After all, that’s TRUELY what it’s all about.  Catch you at the next post!

Carpe Diem…

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly above and beyond what we could ever ask or imagine according to the power that is at work in Him…” –Ephesians 3:21