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5 “Little Things” that made Jacoby’s Freshman Year “Stand Out”!

I have a wise friend that says,

“It’s in the small things; small things really do matter.”

Well, she’s absolutely right.  They do matter. In fact, I am even more convinced of this truth now that Jacoby and I have “closed the chapter” to her freshman year at Seattle Pacific University.

One wouldn’t think that the “small things” I’m about to list would make such a difference, but frankly, they made all the difference in the world.

  1. Zieke’s Pizza on Nickerson Street… Talk about a hidden treasure! We found this pizza shop the first week of school and fell in love with it instantly.  Why? Because who in their right mind doesn’t love good pizza that is served by kind and helpful waiters? Not to mention the ramp leading right into their restaurant. SOLD. Zieke’s Pizza, we love you… See you in the fall.
  2. Starbucks! Let’s just be honest, we couldn’t have done this year without you.  So many late afternoons, Jacoby and I would get into the van KNOWING we had 2 hours of sitting in traffic back to Puyallup.  Wasn’t. Going. To. Happen. Without. Strong. Stimulants. Jacoby and I are super thankful for the Starbucks Drive-through window on Nickerson right on the way out of town.  See you in September!
  3. Audio books! Yes, audio books. You would think we would want a break from the books when we left campus, but Jacoby and I are both “bookworms”.  With coffee in hand (this was before the new law, sorry), we would hit I-5 South and start listening to whatever book was next in line.  Two of our favorite books were: “Kisses from Katie” and “American Miracles”.  We laughed. We cried. We laughed again.  These moments listening and learning together will always hold a special place in my heart.
  4. Professor Douglas’s Orange Gatorade.  Professor Douglas was Jacoby’s Micro-Economics teacher at SPU.  He was an extremely quiet and reserved man, UNTIL…  he started teaching economics.  He came alive and it was obvious, he LOVED what he taught.  His love for teaching was contagious… Don’t ask me how, but economics somehow became fun, even for this ol momma. He would always come into class with a bottle of orange Gatorade.  For some reason, Jacoby and I always got a giggle out of this… it just seemed so random and yet so fitting for him.  He brought an orange Gatorade into class right up to the last day of class; we loved it! Thank you, Professor Douglas, for making us laugh and for making economics so fun.
  5. WAZE! Ok, for those of you who have never heard of the navigational app known as “WAZE”… You need to get it.  Seriously, this app will find the quickest route for you to get ANYWHERE on God’s green earth.  Jacoby and I would use this app every time we headed into the city for school.  Now I need to clarify, this app gives you the QUICKEST route, definitely not the safest.  There were many times we were pretty sure we had a front row seat to a drug deal going on, or literally driving through someone’s back yard; however, WE ALWAYS ENDED UP AT SPU.  Long story short, this app saved us a lot of time sitting in morning traffic. SCORE.

You see, what I’ve listed is nothing spectacular, but we STILL remember and talk about these “small things”. Jacoby’s freshman year is “in the books”; sophomore year is around the corner, but we’ll be ready! We just keep our Miles Family Motto in mind and keep moving forward.

“Certainty of death, small chance of success… what are we waiting for?–Gimli (Lord of the Rings)