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Backbone… Don’t Leave Home Without It!

I have never known physical pain like I experienced these past two months. I was introduced to my first “herniated disc” and realized nerve pain can take you to a WHOLE new level.  For those of you who struggle on a daily basis with back pain, chronic pain or medical illness of ANY kind, my heart goes out to you. Some of you are enduring pain I could not even imagine. 

And then it hit me… An injured physical backbone is awful, but an injured social backbone is far worse.  

We are living in a world today that does not value an individual with a “backbone”.  In fact, if a person has the audacity to have convictions that he or she decides to state or stand by, they are called intolerant and a bigot.  

Now is not the time to be silent about our convictions… our beliefs… our faith.  Many of you reading this right now have felt silenced by others.  You have been made to feel that you are uneducated, weak, or have no opinion on the present matters at hand.  Let this be a motivator and encouragement to you. 

I know you’re out there.  I know you have opinions. I know you are a strong and brave individual. If your faith is the most important thing in your life… as it is for me, make a stand.  I am a Christian and I apologize to no one for that.  In Christ, I find true freedom; I am pro-freedom. 

I have been accused of not being a strong woman or standing for the rights of my daughters, even though I am at home, taking care of my quadriplegic daughter.  

Hear me loud and clear… I am pro-women AND pro-men.  (I have 3 daughters and 3 sons.) 

I am pro-people.  In God’s eyes, all races and genders are equal.  

I am pro-American and pro-military.  I owe my alliance and support to the men and women that fought and/or died to give me the freedoms I have today.  

I am pro-love.  I believe it is the greatest force on earth.  It demolishes hatred and far outweighs politics.  

I am pro- God. I am pro-Jesus Christ. After all, He saved me and I would be a wretch not to give Him complete credit for the hope He gives me EVERY day!

Some of you may read this and think I’m crazy and ignorant, but that’s your right to believe what you want.  As for me, I have the SAME right.  

So, have you felt “hushed”?  Have you realized you have remained quiet just because you worry about what others might think?  Wake up my friends; you are not alone.  You can start again! Time to speak up… time to step out… time to work on our backbones!

Backbone… don’t leave home without it!

Carpe Diem