Week 4–CAUTION! “Colds Are Killers…”

Week 4–CAUTION! “Colds Are Killers…”

I could tell this was not going to be easy.  I watched as she quietly tried to expel a cough, but struggled to put enough force behind it … to fully clear the phlegm from her throat.  So she tried again. And again. And again.

At this point, it was obvious she was not getting enough oxygen and she started motioning for help.  I put my hand right under her diaphragm and pushed in as hard as I could. No effect.  I felt desperate knowing that I needed to “get it right” ASAP.  (Can you imagine how SHE felt?!) This time I timed my pushing with her cough, finally… She was able to get the phlegm up.  Her airways were clear again… UNTIL the next cough. It was beginning to hit me, colds were no longer “just colds” anymore; they were life threatening to our daughter and to many others who live with a compromised physical body.

Part of Jacoby’s injury involves the loss of her ability to use her diaphragm or abdominal muscles.  Think about that… Visualize not being able to cough on your own when fighting a bad cough or bronchitis. Imagine choking until someone is able to help you manually get your cough out.  Imagine fearing this every second, every day… For sometimes weeks.

Not. A. Pretty. Picture.

Trust me, I know this is not a topic ANYONE wants to talk about, but it needs to be said.  The point I am trying to make is this:

If you are sick, whether it be the stomach flu or cold… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t come around someone whose health is compromised.

It is one thing to NOT have known you were sick, and accidentally spread the bug; however, it is entirely a different story if you are sick, yet still choose to attend an event around these individuals.  Again, as I always say, absolutely no condemnation. Until I had a child in a wheelchair, I would attend an event sick just because I didn’t want someone to think I wasn’t responsible, but NOW…

I would handle situations differently.

Colds for these individuals, can lead to bronchitis, which can lead to pneumonia, which can lead to death.  Ask yourself this question… If my child was the one at risk, would I want someone sick showing up at my house?

Carpe Diem…

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